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Journeys By Moonlight Ryan Wheeldon

Journeys By Moonlight

Ryan Wheeldon

Published January 15th 2014
Kindle Edition
202 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

When his wife died in his arms amid the screams of battle in his village, Michael Fletcher thought his life ended. When she tore into his throat, he thought he was dead.He thought wrong. Centuries later he travels the world protecting humanity from those of Tainted blood. He kills his own kind, hunts down and exterminates the feral lyka, and because of this Michael is shunned by those he would call brother and would be feared by the very people he defends.When news of a new threat reaches his ears, he returns to England to track down the one ghera he has never managed to kill, the one whose bloodlust made him who he is now.How far would you go to protect those you care about, when the woman you love is the one putting them in danger?Warning: this book contains scenes of violence some people may find unpleasant.