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Sargon of Akkad Jesse Russell

Sargon of Akkad

Jesse Russell

Published June 17th 2012
ISBN : 9785510543216
142 pages
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High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Sargon of Akkad, also known as Sargon the Great the Great King (Akkadian arru-k nu, meaning the true king or the king is legitimate), was an Akkadian emperor famous for his conquest of the Sumerian city-states in the 23rd and 22nd centuries BC. The founder of the Dynasty of Akkad, Sargon reigned in the last quarter of the third millennium BC. He became a prominent member of the royal court of Kish, killing the king and usurping his throne before embarking on the quest to conquer Mesopotamia. He was originally referred to as Sargon I until records concerning an Assyrian king also named Sargon (now usually referred to as Sargon I) were unearthed.