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Kekionga Blacks: War on His-Story & Slave Mentality Eric Donald Hackley

Kekionga Blacks: War on His-Story & Slave Mentality

Eric Donald Hackley

Published November 26th 2013
ISBN : 9780615906867
166 pages
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 About the Book 

This book seeks to add enlightenment to the mystery of how to solve the age old dilemma thats been plaguing the Black community since the inception of American Colonization and Black Subjugation. According to the infamous 1712 Slave Owner Willie Lynch myth (or reality) letter, after 300 years of uninterrupted Lets Make a Slave behavioral conditioning, Blacks beginning in 2012 will enter into a BRAND NEW ERA of self-induced, generational self-refueling slave mentality that will last forever, unless it encounters some substantial original historic base such as what we have described in this book. Kekionga Blacks administer a proven Old Indian Cure to remedy the divide and conquer mentality of early American Terrorism concerned the removal of Indians from this land (Indiana) and the psychological Slave breaking quandary still impacting the mindsets of many of todays American Black people. This cure has been metaphorically obscured within the hidden history of Kekionga ever since the arrival of Major General Mad Anthony Wayne back in 1794 when Kekionga was officially renamed Fort Wayne. Todays Kekionga Black Warriors re-apply this Indian War Tactic and use it to defeat, dismantle and destroy Willie Lynch and the corresponding psychological reign of unchecked, out of control historic Slave Mentality indoctrination. Kekionga Blacks profiled in this book have applied this warrior spirited mentality to all personal social, psychological and economic problems without seeking or requesting prior permission or approval from any ethnic leaders, including the negro elite. Kekionga Black Warriors are no longer content to remain passive spectators by sitting back waiting for Jesus, Martin Luther King or President Obama to save the day for the Black Community. Kekionga Blacks subscribe to the premise that it makes no sense to keep putting faith in traditional Black leadership and others who know whats best for the Black masses, considering the fact that 150 years have lapsed since the Emancipation Proclamation and American Blacks are still fighting many of the same battles that were fought at the end of slavery and during the 1960s Civil Rights Era. Given the climate of todays hopelessness, confusion and Black powerlessness in America, where whoever has the most money is most correct and makes the rules, Kekionga Blacks henceforth and forthrightly officially DECLARE WAR on this statuesque mentality of class-ism and the false perpetuation of non-sense fairy tales behind HIS-Story and Slave Mentality. Kekionga Blacks aim to enlighten those go along to get along inattentive enablers too ignorant or afraid to speak-up and offer a different, ethnically inclusive versions of improving todays American reality and how to make life better for everyone. That is what KEKIONGA BLACKS War on HIS-Story and Slave Mentality is all about.