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A Cajun Dream Cherie Claire

A Cajun Dream

Cherie Claire

Published July 1st 1999
ISBN : 9780821762523
317 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

AN UNLIKELY PAIRAmanda Rose Richardson was compromised beyond repair! Fearing shed become an old maid, she had thrown herself at the town rogue. Now she was standing in front of a priest pledging marriage to Rene Comeaux, a darkly handsome Cajun whose startling proposal rescued her from total disgrace. Crossing into Renes passionate Acadian world, Amanda would soon discover her long forgotten heritage --- and in his sensuous embrace --- the depths of her desire.AN AFFAIR DE COEURMon Dieu! What had he done, marrying the judges forbidden daughter! Rene Comeaux knew their differences were vast. Yet hed acted impulsively to save her reputation. And though he said he didnt want her love unless she gave it freely, he knew that nothing could stop him from the slow seduction that would melt his jokes reserve, and bring her racing into his waiting arms ...